The Harvest Is Ready

Salt Lake City has only 1 Christian church for every 10,000 people.

“I spent my church life as a Mormon before I knew the Lord’s grace. But my Mormon background deceived me for years. I thought I was following God. It was Jesus that freed my soul not a church, not by my own works, but by God's free gift to those who call upon the very name of Jesus. That’s how simple it is.”

ToddEx Mormon | Jesus Follower

Our Story

We both know that God has been at work through our entire lives and that we met for a reason. We believe that this is the next step in His journey for us. We are excited to be a part of God's story in Utah.


A Heart for Missions

We grew up with a heart for missions. Our parents were missionaries and we both served and worked in churches that had an emphasis on missions.

Complete Surrender

In 2018 both of us agreed that we would go anywhere that God called us to share the love of Jesus. We expected to move very far from Kansas, but God had other plans.

The Sisters

One day in 2018 we came home to see two Mormon sister missionaries standing on our front porch. This was our first exposure to Mormonism in our lives. We quickly realized that there are so many drastic differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

The Call

As we began to study and research Mormonism we realized that it reached much farther than we had ever imagined. We began to feel called to share the true Gospel of Jesus with Mormons. We began to explore what it would look like to move to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Send

We took a leap of faith and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. We enjoy living and working here, and reaching Mormons through various outlets - local church, business, and outreach.
Not Exactly

But isn’t Mormonism the same as Christianity?


Works for Salvation?

Belief in Jesus is not enough to have eternal life. There must be more. Certain works are required if you want to live with God forever.

Created or Creator?

Mormons believe that God is a created being. They also believe that Lucifer is the brother of Jesus, so he could not have created Satan.

Always God?

Mormons believe that God is a glorified man that achieved godhood through eternal progression.

More Than One God?

Mormons believe in three separate gods (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit). Mormons also believe they have the potential to become gods one day. There may be gods before God the Father.

Life Before Birth?

Mormons believe our spirits lived in a pre-existence and then gained bodies on Earth. We lived with God in the pre-existence.

Modern Day Prophets?

Mormons believe that we have a modern day prophet who gives us special revelation from God. He is like the prophets of the Old Testament.

Five Levels of Heaven?

Mormons believe that there are 3 "degrees" of heaven with the highest degree containing three sub-degrees. The highest of all of these is where God resides.

Temple Work?

Mormons perform various ceremonies and eternal marriages inside their temples. Temple work is required to reach the third degree of heaven.

Baptism for the Dead?

Mormons perform baptisms and eternal marriages on behalf of deceased family members. These family members are then granted a second chance during their life in spirit prison, before heaven.
Some Numbers and History

Salt Lake City, Utah and Mormonism

In July of 1847 the first Mormon pioneers arrived in what would become Salt Lake City, Utah. After them followed at least 236 pioneer companies of approximately 60,000 people. Temple Square is visited by nearly 5 million people annually. In addition to the Salt Lake Temple 12 other temples dot the state. Four more temples are announced, under construction or being remodeled.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormon Church) is far reaching in the state of Utah. They own 4,824 wards (churches) and operate 170 family history centers, a crucial part of their religion due to ordinances performed on behalf of deceased family members.

The Salt Lake City region has the youngest population in the U.S., the highest birthrate in the U.S., the most educated adult workforce, and the lowest number of gospel preaching churches per person of any state in the country.


of Utahns are Evangelical Christians


of Utahns are Mormon


of Utahns live 1 hour from SLC


Mormons worldwide


Mormon Missionaries

Our Heart for Mormons.

Mormons believe that they are Christians. People have different definitions of that word, but the point is that when Mormonism is too much to bear, Mormons turn away from God altogether. Most don’t realize that there is any alternative other than atheism, and many have never met a born-again Christian.

Our heart is to share the redemptive, grace-filled Gospel with young Mormons so that they can experience an eternal life full of freedom and joy with Jesus. We want to expose them to the love of Jesus and present the truthful narrative of Jesus’ work throughout history.

How Can I Get Involved?

We believe it's so much more than just donating to "our thing".

No, really. We truly believe that you can partner with us to bring the Gospel to Mormons in Utah and right where you are! Since we’ve begun this journey many friends have reached out to tell us that they’ve met a Mormon or that they’ve become more aware of Mormon influences throughout our culture. One friend was even visited at home by the same young Mormon women that first visited our apartment!

The Bible says in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We believe that by partnering with us financially your heart will open to what God is doing in the Mormon community. Going against the tide of American independence, we are entering into a mutually dependent relationship, because after all how can we go without you sending, and how can you send without us going? Would you pray about partnering with us financially so that together we can make a difference in the lives of Mormons around the country?

“The history of missions is a history of prayer. Everything vital to the success of the world’s evangelization hinges on prayer.”
- John Mott

We believe in the supernatural and we believe that it will take a supernatural move of God to see breakthrough in Salt Lake City. This cannot be done without your prayers. While money may provide physical provision, your prayers are essential to sustain and empower the Gospel in Salt Lake City. We can’t imagine entering into this battlefield without you and we don’t want to. Even on our first day ever in Salt Lake City we felt a massive presence of evil as we explored the valley. It was an immediate snapshot as to the gravity of the spiritual warfare we will experience in the future.

We want to equip you to pray for us, specifically on up to date, relevant events going on in our lives. We will provide prayer updates via email and other means of communication. Please stay up to date with us and with what God is doing in the lives of Mormons in Salt Lake City.

You can make a difference in the lives of Mormons first hand.

We’ve already heard great stories of friends and family encountering Mormons in their lives. We believe with your help it can be taken a step further. Yes, please be a light to Mormons in your own life, but also when an opportunity arises share what you have learned about Mormonism with other Christians. Many of us have glossed over the lies of Mormonism and excused it as another denomination or a “good” thing. In a loving way encourage people to research Mormonism for themselves and see if it lines up with the Biblical Gospel.

Most Mormons are incredible people. They are diligent and they volunteer more often than even the average Christian. Do not discount their good actions. Instead, ask yourself “What are their intentions?” In this way, you will learn to love them and grieve for their spirits because you know that it is the work of Jesus alone that justifies us. And if you ever get that knock on your door from two young Mormon missionaries, please open it and invite them in. You don’t have to win a debate, you just have to love them as yourself. (Mark 12:31)